Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been busy completing many Thanksgiving themed stations.  We will be finishing up these stations this week!

Here are some pictures of our literacy stations:

For this station students match pictures to their beginning sound.  

There are pictures for each letter of the alphabet.  Students find the correct picture for each letter card.

Students record eight of their matches on their recording sheet.  Students draw the picture and write the letter.  Students are also encouraged to write the sounds they hear for the word (yarn=yrn, vase=vas).  

At the next station, students are finding rhyming matches.

Every number is paired with a rhyming picture card.  

Students record their matches on the pumpkins on their recording sheet.  Students are asked to write the number on one pumpkin and draw the picture on the other (1-sun, 2-shoe, etc).  Students are also encouraged to label their pictures with the sounds they hear.  

This is another station that focuses on the skill of rhyming.  Students match the pictures that rhyme.

They then record their rhymes on their paper, including the picture and the word.  
Source: Deanna Jump and Julie Lee

At this station students get their own word ring.  The beginning letter of each word is missing.  Students use dry erase markers to write the beginning sound of each word on their word ring.  

Finally, students pick four words to write/draw on their paper.  At the bottom of the paper students select their favorite word to use in a sentence.  

Turkey ABCs- at this station students match capital and lowercase letters on the turkeys.  

They then complete the recording sheet by writing the missing letter.  

Here are some pictures of our math stations:

At this station students are matching the shape to the real life object of the same shape.  
Source: School is Fun Packet- Deanna Jump and Julie Lee

They then draw the shape on their recording sheet.  And color their flip flops to match.  

For this station students worked in groups of three.  They spread the scarecrows pictured above across the floor in the classroom.  Then each student got a bag containing cards to place on the appropriate scarecrow.  

Bag 1: number cards 1-10
Bag 2: number word cards one-ten
Bag 3: Dot cards 1-10

After matching the cards, students completed the recording sheet by writing the numbers or number words on the line and coloring their scarecrow to match.  
Source: Autumn Math and Literacy Centers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee

At this station students are practicing the skill of more or less.  Students select a domino from the box.  They then draw the domino on their paper.  

Finally students determine which side of their domino has more dots.  They write this number on their paper.  

Thanksgiving Write the Room- At this station students walk around the room in search of Thanksgiving themed cards that have been posted throughout the classroom.

When a card is found, students record what they see on their paper using a number word.

Here are some of the cards currently posted around the room:

Last week students wrote about things they are thankful for.  It was so sweet to hear about the things/people they are thankful for that are in their lives. 

 With Thanksgiving being just around the corner I wanted to share with the parents in my classroom that visit this blog that I am thankful for all of your children.  They make me laugh and smile every day.  I am so very thankful to be their teacher.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Literacy Stations- Initial Sounds, Rhyming, and ABC order!

Some of our literacy stations this week had a spider theme.  This went along with our nursery rhyme: The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  

At the car station students completed: Itsy Bitsy Knows Her Sounds.  Students selected a spider and determined the beginning sound of the picture.  

Students recorded the beginning sound on their paper and colored their spider to match the color of the spider they selected.  
(source Julie Lee's spider packet on Teachers Pay Teachers)

At the truck station students completed the sight word mystery recording sheet.  In order to complete this station students selected a web that had been programmed with a popcorn word.  

After students read the word, they wrote their popcorn word in the boxes that would correctly fit their popcorn word.  

 tall boxes = tall letters
short boxes = short letters

(source: Julie Lee's spider packet on Teachers Pay Teachers)

At the mail carrier stations students completed the initial sound sorting activity titled Pack a Backpack.  Students sort picture cards by their beginning sound (/c/ or /d/).  Students place the picture cards on the matching beginning sound backpack.  

After sorting the picture cards students selected four two draw and label on their recording sheet.  Students are encouraged to use invented spelling.  Students write the sounds they hear to label their picture.  

At the train station students completed rhyming puzzles.  

First students matched magnet puzzle pieces on their tray.

Then they completed the recording sheet that matched the puzzle pieces on the tray.  
(source: Carl's Corner)

At the caboose station students put the leaves that had been programmed with all the letters of the alphabet in ABC order.  

Students also practiced working with a partner and taking turns.  Together students worked to place the leaves in ABC order across the floor of our classroom.  

Finally, students used their leaves to complete their recording sheet.