Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Summer!

Hi Parents!  I hope your child is enjoying the first few days of their summer break.  I miss them already!  I thought I would write one final post for the 2011-2012 school year.  I hope this blog has helped to create a window into our classroom this year.  This was my first year using a blog and I'd love your feedback.  Please feel free to comment below if this blog has helped you to stay informed about what we are learning in the classroom.

Below you will find pictures of some of our final kindergarten stations.

 During this station rotation students practiced syllables, making sentences, and vowels.    

Hop to It- at this station students practiced syllables.  First students selected a kangaroo.  Students then said the word represented by a picture.  

 Finally students recorded the number of syllables on their paper and colored their kangaroo to match.
(Source: Julie Lee)

Buggy Sort- at this station students walked around the room to find bug cards.

On each card students noted the picture and determined the vowel sound they heard in the word.

They then wrote the word in the appropriate vowel column.  
(Buggy Sort Source: Growing Kinders)

Butterfly puzzles- at this station students put the magnetic butterflies together by matching the picture with the consonant vowel consonant word.  They then recorded their word on their paper.  On the back of their paper they selected two words to use in two sentences.  
(Butterfly puzzles can be downloaded at:

Sentence Scramble- students found the word cards in the basket with the matching picture cards.  They then put the cards in order to make a sentence.

Finally they wrote the sentence on their paper.  
(Source: Growing Kinders)

The Three Little Pigs Vowel Sound Sort- students placed the pigs in the correct vowel house by determining what vowel sound they heard in the picture.
(Pigs and Vowel Houses from

After sorting the pigs, students recorded the words on their paper in the correct vowel house.  

Fish Bowl Ending Sounds- students sort the fish by the ending sound they hear.  They then record the words on their paper.

Stretch It Out- students select a caterpillar from the basket.  They then write the sounds for the picture they see.
Source: Growing Kinders

Weather Sentences- at this station students select a word from the basket.  They then use that word in a sentence and record the sentence on their paper.
Source: Growing Kinders

Twisting Up Some Blends- students match the beginning blend with the matching picture card (example: dr-dress).  They then record the word or blend on their paper.
Source: Growing Kinders

Ten Frame Addition- students roll a ten sided dice.  They color the boxes on their ten frame to match the number they rolled.  Finally, they write an addition sentence to match their ten frame.

The Numbers Before the Rainbow- students select a number from the basket.  They write this number on the rainbow on their paper.  They then write the three numbers that come before it on their paper using a number line.
(Source: Growing Kinders)

Missing Zoo Animals- students practice subtraction at this station.  First students select a zoo animal card (like the orange one pictured above).  They then roll one dice to determine how many zoo animals are going to "escape" from their cage.  Students then wrote a subtraction equation.
(Source: Julie Lee)

Shaking Addition- students used red/yellow counters and a cup to complete this station.  Students placed ten counters in a cup.  After shaking the cup and emptying the counters on the table, students counted how many counters landed on yellow or red.  They then wrote an addition equation to match.

Parents- I hope you have enjoyed visiting our classroom blog this year.  Remember to comment below if it has helped you!  Thank you for a great year!

Mrs. Winters