Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pattern Math Stations and Nursery Rhymes!

The following pictures are math stations students are currently completing:

At this station students first make a pattern with the crayon cards.  After making their pattern, students copy the pattern onto their paper.  This station is from the School is Fun Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers  by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee.  

At this station students completed a pattern book.  Students made the pattern with pattern blocks and then colored the pattern in their book.  They also labeled the pattern with letters (AB, ABB, etc.)  This book is from Fran Kramer at Kindergarten Crayons.

At this station students made a pattern using the pattern cards and unifix cubes.  First students selected a pattern card.  Next, they made the pattern using the cubes.  Finally, they copied the pattern onto their paper.  

  The pattern cards can be found on Jessica Meacham's website

At this station students completed the school pattern book.

First students completed the pattern using the pattern pictures pictured above.  These pattern cards are from the School is Fun Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee.  

Then students made their own school pattern using the book and pictures above.  This book is also from Fran Kramer at Kindergarten Crayons.

This week's nursery rhyme activities:

Every week we have been learning to recite a different nursery rhyme.  This week students learned to recite One, Two, Buckle my Shoe.  We do many activities with our nursery rhyme each week.  Here are two activities students completed this week:

Students sequenced the nursery rhyme using numbers and pictures.   Students cut out and glued the pictures in order.  

We have learned four nursery rhymes so far this year.  We reviewed each of them and then students selected their favorite to draw on their paper.  After completing their picture the class formed a large circle on the carpet.  While sitting in a circle we formed a graph using our pictures.  We discussed which nursery rhyme had the most pictures and which nursery rhyme had the least.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Literacy Stations

I was so excited when I checked my stats page for the blog today.  It has reached over 1000 page views!  Thanks for visiting!

Here are pictures of the literacy stations students are currently completing:

This station may look a little familiar.  It is similar to the station students completed last week.  This time students searched the room for the matching lowercase letters hidden around the room.  When students found a letter they wrote it on their paper beside the matching capital letter.  Finally, they colored their letter to match the color of the letter on the wall.

Letters were posted on walls, shelves, and filing cabinets.  

At the truck station students sorted capital and lowercase letters of various fonts.  Students placed the letters on the correct coconut tree (H, C, K or B).  

After completing the letter font sort, students completed their own recording sheet.  Students cut and glued the letters on the appropriate coconut tree.  

At this station students are practicing popcorn words.  Students select a card programmed with a popcorn word.  They then read the word and find it on their paper.  Students trace it and then write it on their own.  Finally, they color the person beside their word to match the color of the card they selected.  

The letter search, letter font sort, and popcorn word practice stations were created by Julie Lee at

For this station students have their own box filled with magnet letters a-z.  Students select a letter from the box and place it on the tray beside the matching letter.  Students could either match capital letters to capital letters, lowercase letters to lowercase letters, or capital letters to lowercase letters.  

Finally they completed their recording sheet.  They wrote the letter to match their magnet letter.  This student matched capital magnet letters to the capital letters on their tray.  

This station is the same as last week!  Students selected three different new friends.  First they find their friend's clothespin name in the basket.  They take off the clothespins and replace them in the correct order.  The names are written on the popsicle stick to help them match the letters correctly.  Students find their friends picture and glue it in the picture frame.  Finally, they write their friends name in the box.  

I will be posting pictures of math stations very soon!  Please check back!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Literacy Stations

Hello Parents!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this blog is helping you to stay better informed of some of the activities your child is completing in our classroom.  Here are some of the literacy stations your child completed this week:

Car Station: Students completed a letter search.  Their job was to take their clipboard and find letters posted throughout our classroom.  After students found the letter, they wrote the letter on their recording sheet and colored their letter to match the color of the letter on the wall.  

Here is an example of a completed recording sheet.  

Students loved taking their clipboard and walking around the room to find the letters!

This station is from Julie Lee and Deanna Jump's School is Fun Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.  
Here is a link to Julie Lee's blog: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.  She teaches Kindergarten in Alabama and her blog is full of great ideas!  

Truck Station:  Students completed Flip Flop Alpha-Bop.  For this station students found the matching  flip flops.  

Students then wrote the capital and lowercase letter found on the flip flops on their recording sheets.  They also colored their flip flops to match.  

This is another station from Julie Lee and Deanna Jump's School is Fun Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Mail Carrier: Students completed Colors in the Coconut Tree.  For this station students select a coconut tree and "read" the color word.  The words have been color coded to match the color of the tree.  

They then find the color word on their paper and trace the word with the appropriate crayon.  Finally, they color the coconut tree on their paper to match.  

Train Station: Students completed the Letters in My Name Sort.  For this station students cut the letters of the alphabet out and glued them on the T-Chart on the appropriate side.  

Smiley Face = Letters in my Name
Sad Face = Letters not in my Name

Caboose Station: Students completed My New Friends activity.  For this station, students select a popsicle stick with a picture of one of their new friends on the end.  Students take the clothespins off the stick and practice matching the letters and spelling their friends name by placing them back in the correct order.  They then find their friends picture, cut it out, and glue it on their paper.  Finally they write the name on their paper.  This was another favorite this week!  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorting and Patterns

This week we have been learning to name, copy, and extend patterns in math.  One of the stories that we read to help us with this concept was Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom.  This is a story about a little girl that loves to play with her big brother's toy cars.  Students identified many patterns in this story by looking at the color and order of the cars.  

Our math stations for this rotation include practice with sorting and patterning:

Station One: Students are making a pattern using red and blue cubes.  They then record their pattern on their paper.  

Station Two: Students sort beads by color.  Each student has their own basket of pipe cleaners and bowl of beads.  Students thread the beads on the matching pipe cleaner to sort them.  

Not only are students sorting by color, but they are also building fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills involve the muscles of the hand that allow us to write and grasp small objects.  

Station Three: Students are copying and extending patterns using pattern blocks.  

After building the pattern, students practice saying the pattern (hexagon, diamond, diamond, hexagon, diamond, diamond).

Station Four: Students make  patterns using bear counters.  

Students copy the pattern and then extend the pattern on their own.  These pattern cards were printed from

Students continued to rotate through the literacy stations posted last week.  Please check back next weekend for pictures of our new literacy stations!  

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Math Time!

We've been sorting the past two weeks.  We have sorted all kinds of objects.  We've sorted by color, size, shape, and kind.  We even took off one of our shoes one day and sorted them!  First we sorted them by color.  Then we thought of another way we could sort them- by laces or no laces!

Another day we read the story A Pair of Socks.  After reading the story we sorted a big pile of socks.  I snapped a picture before the sorting began!  We discussed how the socks could be sorted and decided on these groups: stripes, solid colors, polka-dots, and hearts.  

Last week we began math stations.  Here are some of the stations students completed:

At station 1 students worked with play-doh to practice numbers 1-10.  Students either made the numeral out of play-doh or the correct amount of play-doh balls to equal the number.  These cards were made from

At station 2 students sorted by color.  They practiced taking turns to select a pom-pom.  Students used tweezers to pick them up and place them in the appropriate cup.

At station 3 students used pattern blocks to make various objects.  The pattern block cards were printed from

At station 4 students worked with a partner to sort various kinds of pasta.  

As you can see, we've been busy!  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Literacy Stations and Setting Signs

It was another great week in room B2!  We read the story Fix-It Duck.  We are learning to identify the setting of a story.  

Students made a setting sign.  On one side of the sign, students drew a picture of the setting of the story The Little School Bus (our reading story from last week).  On the other side of the sign students drew a picture of the setting of the story Fix-It Duck.  Students will be bringing their setting signs home this week.  They were very proud of their work and are excited to show their signs to their family!

We decided that the Little School Bus took place mainly on a school bus and Fix-It Duck took place in the country.


Each week we also will be learning a different nursery rhyme.  This week we learned all about Humpty Dumpty.  We read and sang the rhyme.  By the end of the week, students were singing right along to our song about "poor ole Humpty."  We also brainstormed ways that we would fix Humpty Dumpty and put him back together.  Their ideas were very creative!

Here are some of the literacy stations students are completing:

At the car station students are using dry erase markers and their own letter book to practice forming capital and lowercase letters.  Students then pick letters to record on their paper with a pencil.  

At the truck station students are using letter stamps to stamp their first and last name.  Students use the blue stamps when they need a capital letter and the yellow stamps when they need a lowercase letter to make their name.  Thank you for the name stamping recording sheet. 

At the mail carrier station students are rainbow writing.  To rainbow write, students will use all the colors of the rainbow to trace their name.  

At the train station students are completing Clip-a-Letter.  For this station, students reach in the bag and select a clothespin.  Students must match the letter on their clothespin to the letter on the wheel.  Students have a choice at this station.   They can match capital letters to capital letters, lowercase letters to lowercase letters, or capital letters to lowercase letters.  

Here is what the letter wheel looks like when it has been completed.  Letter wheels were printed from The Florida Center for Reading Research

At the caboose station students are working with a partner to put letter cards in ABC order.

First, students stretch the alphabet border across the floor.

Then they work with their partner to match the letter cards to the letters on the border.  While learning more about the alphabet, students are also learning to work with a friend and take turns.  

Tomorrow I plan to post pictures of our math stations.  Please check back soon!