Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Parents!  I hope you have been enjoying the first few weeks of 2012!  In class students shared and wrote about their New Year's goals.  

This is a picture of our hallway display.  Students made themselves and wrote their goal in a speech bubble.  

Students also made a 2012 flip book.  First students glued the year on the front of their book.

Under each flap they wrote about things they wanted to do or goals they had for the year.  I loved reading about what they wanted to accomplish this year.  

The following pictures are of our literacy and math stations from last week:

At this station students sorted picture cards by their ending sound.  They then cut and glued the pictures in the appropriate section on their recording sheet.

Students then stretched the word and wrote the sounds they heard under each picture.  
(Source: Winter Math and Literacy Centers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee on TPT)

Mystery Mittens- students selected a card from the basket.  After looking at the picture on the card, they then determined the vowel they heard in the middle of the word.  

Finally they colored the vowel on their mitten.  They continued this until all their vowels had been colored. 
(Source: Winter Math and Literacy Centers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee on TPT)

Loco Cocoa- students selected a picture card and stretched the word to determine the vowel sound in the middle of the word.  

They then circled the vowel on their paper.
(Source: Winter Math and Literacy Centers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee on TPT)

At this station students were listening for the beginning and ending sound of the picture card they selected.  After selecting a picture card from the basket, students placed it on their "frog mat."  They then used a dry erase marker to write the beginning and ending sound in the boxes.  

Finally students recorded the letters on their answer sheet.  
(Source:  Can Do Kinders)

Snowy Sounds- at this station students selected a snowman.  They then determined the ending sound for the picture on each snowman.

Finally they wrote the ending sound on their recording sheet and colored their snowman to match.

At this station students rolled two dice and added the dots together.  They then colored the sum on their rainbow.

What Comes Before- at this station students rolled one die.  They then wrote the number on their paper and the three numbers that came before it.  

Frosty's Ten Frames- at this station students select a snowman.  They then draw the amount on their ten frame to match the number on the snowman.

Finally they colored their snowman on their paper to match the snowman on the card.  
(Source: Winter Math and Literacy Centers by Deanna Jump and Julie Lee on TPT)

Winter Fun Write Around the Room- students searched the room for ten frame cards.  They then completed the sentence on their recording sheet.  

The ten frame cards included numbers 11-20.  We are learning to recognize these numbers and their matching number words.

Students also wrote color words on their paper to complete each sentence.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back next week for new station pictures!